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Sim Cards Transfer Contacts

A SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) card is a piece of plastic with an embedded microchip that identifies a user on a cellular network. There are two sizes of SIM card: the mini SIM and the micro SIM. Most available cell phones use the mini SIM card, which can be easily and quickly transferred between cell phones allowing a user to change handsets without losing their number and calling plan.

Usually, you can use a sim card reader to transfer from sim to sim, sim card can only transfer phone numbers, and in some cases, limited SMS history. These do not include email addresses, pictures, ringtones, and games. Transferring to or from a phone is a different menu path for nearly every model out there...

Sim Cards Transfer Contacts is an application designed for mobile phone running Microsoft Windows Mobile 5 and Windows Mobile 6. It can transfer contacts from cellphone to PC and transfer contacts both contain sim card contacts and mobile memory contacts. Sim Cards Transfer Contacts can export contact as text file, excel and outlook file, PC data file and Card file; It can customize ringtones and photos. In a word, you could use Sim Cards Transfer Contacts to manager your mobile contacts on PC and transfer to other phone.

Lot's of  Windows Mobile Phone users find it is troublesome to manager mobile contacts. Epecially when the phone is lost, broken or reset, so they have to add contacts one by one. Now Sim Cards Transfer Contacts offers a full contacts transfer solution to transfer all contacts for Mobile Phones. Also you could use this software to add contacts on PC first and then transfer to mobile later. Because adding contacts on PC is more convenient than on mobile as we know. Get transfer of Sim cards in LG phones and backup mobile contacts now!

How to Manage Windows Mobile Phone Contacts on Computer ?


Here is the guide to show you how to manage the contacts which backup from your device on your computer. When you download our software,  you will find three files, "for Windows Mobile 5", "for Windows Mobile 6", "Contacts Manager on computer". Here, we will take "Contacts Manager on computer" for example to show you in detail. At first, download this Sim Cards Transfer Contacts.

Step 1: Firstly, you use to backup your contacts into a .cts file in your mobile phone.

Step 2: Ways to transfer data from Sim cards can be easily achieved. Transfer the contacts backup file(*.cts) from your mobile phone to your computer. Then run the exe. file on your computer. Simply click 'File' -> 'Import'. See the screenshot as following:

Step 3: Then you will see there is a popup window. You can simply select a contacts backup file which you wanna edit or view and then click 'open'.

When load them successfully, you will see:

Step 4: Now all contacts you selected are imported into Contacts Manager. See as the following screenshot:

Step5: Output your edited contacts as .cts Backup File and restore back to your phone.You can export the contacts to a “.cts” backup file (*.cts) by Clicking the 'Export' option. This backup file can be restored back to and read as contacts in your window mobile phone .


Major Functions of Nextel Sim Cards Transfer Contacts

Transfer Contacts from windows mobile to PC;

Transfer both sim card contacts and mobile outlook contacts;

Switch contacts between sim card and mobile contacts;

Restore contacts to any other windows mobile phones;

Export contact as text file(*.txt), excel and outlook file(*.csv), pc data file(*.cts) and vCard file(*.vcf);  

Sync contacts between Windows Mobile, iPhone,  Android phone, Gmail, outlook;

Including an app for Windows PC to view,add,delete,modify and print contacts;

Save and restore contacts in case you break or lose your phone;

Sim Cards Transfer Contacts backup contacts with photos and ringtones;

Fast backup and restore speed;

Sim cards transfer contacts free download is easy to use;

Fully support Windows Mobile 5 and 6;

Fully VGA and WVGA Screen.


FAQ of Sim Cards Transfer Contacts


Q 1: Is online order secure?

Yes. With the service provided by SWREG, it ensures you with a secure payment solution.

Q 2: What is your refund policy?

As we provide the "try-before-you-buy" version on the website, we suggest that you test the product and explore the web page before you purchase. Meanwhile, please select the right name for the product you want to purchase. Request with reasons to refund, like "I purchased the wrong product", or "I purchased your product, but it does not work for what I need" will not be refunded. Refund is only processed when the product does not work as what we advertise.